The BlockBase+ Sew Along starts on Monday, March 29! If you don’t have the new BlockBase+ software yet, you can find it here >

Here’s a little re-cap of how the sew along works, along with a few new details:

How the Sew Along Works

This sew along may be a little different than some other sew alongs you have participated in previously. One of the great benefits of BB+ is that you can print the templates, rotary cutting charts, and foundations for the blocks at whatever size you like. So, we will all be making the same blocks during this sew along. But the size of those blocks and the quilt you create in the end, is up to you!

You will need to have the BB+ software installed on your computer so you can print the sew along patterns. We will feature a block to sew from BB+ every two weeks. Each blog post will highlight a different feature of BB+, so it’s a great way to get to know your new software!

At the end of each two week period there will be a link up post so you can share a photo of your sewn block and we can all oohh and aahh over each other’s beautiful blocks!

Pick Your Size

Because the blocks in BB+ can be printed at any size, YOU get to choose how big (or small!) to make your blocks. You may want to make your decisions about block size before you get started with the sew along. Do you want to make all your blocks the same size? Or a variety of sizes that work well together, such as 6”, 9”, and 12”? Or maybe you just want to choose your block sizes randomly, and you’ll figure out how to fit them together at the end. It’s up to you!

We’ll be choosing blocks from many different categories, so in rotary cutting terms, some blocks may be better suited to a specific size. For example, a block based on a 3×3 grid would be easiest to rotary cut if using a size that’s a multiple of 3 (6″, 9″, 12″, etc.). But never fear, because you can always choose to print the templates for a block (and the templates are always accurate!).

Because you get to choose what size to make your blocks, there are no fabric requirements listed for the sew along. Think of this sew along as the perfect opportunity to raid your scrap bins!

More Details

Each block in BB+ has a default size listed in the Notecard panel. If you want to follow along with me exactly, I’ll be making all the blocks at their default sizes. This means the blocks I’m making will be a variety of sizes.

Eight blocks will posted for the sew along. The quilt that I make will use just those eight blocks. I’ll provide a piecing diagram for my quilt, for anyone who would like to use all the default block sizes and the same layout.

However, if you’d like to make more blocks to include in your finished sew along quilt, go for it! With over 4000 blocks in the BB+ software, you are sure to come across more blocks you’d like to make. I encourage you to add more blocks and let your creativity decide where your quilt will go!

The last block will be posted in July. Then you’ll have a few weeks to put together a quilt top to share in the last link up post where we all get to show off what we’ve made.

How Do I Sign Up?

No official sign up is necessary! Just visit the blog on Monday, March 29 to find out which block we’ll be sewing first. On Friday, April 9, visit the blog again to post a picture of your sewn block. New blocks will be posted every two weeks, on Mondays. If you’d like the new blog posts automatically emailed to you, you can subscribe to our blog posts using the form in the sidebar.

The only requirement is that you own the BlockBase+ software and have it installed on your computer so you can print the patterns for the blocks.

Sew Along Host

EQ’s Jenny Novinsky will be your host for this sew along. Jenny has worked at EQ for nearly 20 years and one of her favorite parts of the job is hosting sew alongs here on the blog. She can’t wait to start sewing with all of you!