We are blown away by the incredible entries submitted to this contest! (See all entries in the original post here.) Thanks to everyone for participating!

If you want to jump in on another challenge, one just started here!


Two winners were chosen, one that was selected randomly and one that was Kimberly’s favorite!

Kimberly says: This was a super tough decision because there were SO MANY clever and beautiful quilt designs from which to choose! I’m honored and thrilled that so many people would take the time to design quilts using the Solid-ish swatches!

Kimberly’s Favorite: Mary Spriet

Random Winner: Rich Danner

Both winners will receive fat quarters of the entire 60-piece collection!

Again, you can see all the fabulous entries in the original blog post. Thanks again to all participants! If you’re looking for something else to keep you designing, check out our new design challenge and giveaway featuring Aura, an Art Gallery Fabrics collection by Mister Domestic!