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Block 3

BlockBase Sew Along – Block 3 Link Up!

Posted 11-09-2012 by | Posted in: Block 3 BlockBase Sew Along

I hope everyone enjoyed making their #2448 blocks! I had the hardest time choosing fabrics for this block (most of which came from the Kaleidoscope collection by Deborah Edwards for Northcott). I love the transparency effect that the original BlockBase coloring shows and I tried to mimic it, but I think I might have missed the mark a bit. Ah well, live and learn! It’s a gorgeous block either way. I look forward to seeing how everyone else choose to color the block. To Link Up Your Photo Scroll down to the comment form at the end of this post. Fill in your info and make sure you select an image for your comment (this will be the photo of your block). If you have a blog, make sure to add your site too. If you wrote a post for this block, please link directly to that post. Let’s visit

BlockBase Sew Along – Block 3

Posted 10-29-2012 by | Posted in: Block 3 BlockBase Sew Along

Here we are at block 3! Block #2448 *Remember, if you’re keeping all your sew along blocks in the same project, open the project now so you can add this new block.* Open BlockBase and click the Search by Number tool. Type in 2448 and click Search. Our pretty block pops on screen! I’d like to show you a fun feature of BlockBase. Move your mouse cursor on top of the block and then right-click. In the context menu that appears, click Quick Quilt. A 4 x 4 quilt layout appears, filled with the selected block. What a wonderful way to quickly see what this block would look like in a quilt! I love the secondary design created at the sides & corners of this block. Click the X at the top-right corner of the window to close the quilt. With Block #2448 still selected, click the Print Block tool