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SewCalGal’s Free Motion Quilt Challenge

Posted 06-10-2013 by | Posted in: EQ News and Press

SewCalGal hosted a very popular Free Motion Quilt Challenge in 2012 and she’s doing it again in 2013! If you’re interested in developing or improving your free motion quilting skills, check out this wonderful series of challenges. Challenge #5 is All About Borders and has a special challenge opportunity for EQ users! Click here for more info on the special EQ challenge and check out the inspiring work. Participants have until October 31 to complete the challenges.

EQ7 Creative Spark in Quiltmaker July/August Issue

Posted 06-07-2013 by | Posted in: EQ News and Press

Have you seen the new issue of Quiltmaker yet? The beautiful Sparkling Bubbles quilt on the cover was designed by Eileen Fowler and you can find some great New York Beauty variations designed in EQ7 on page 28. Check out the Creative Spark article where you can download an EQ7 project for the Sparkling Bubbles quilt and find a fun tutorial on how to draw the variation blocks in EQ!

Desert Daze by Deb Crine in Machine Quilting Unlimited

Posted 05-03-2013 by | Posted in: EQ News and Press User Spotlight

EQ user, Deb Crine was featured in the May/June issue of Machine Quilting Unlimited. Her quilt, Desert Daze, is also featured on our main page. You can visit her website to see more. Her work is colorful, modern and pretty amazing! Congrats to Deb on being featured!

EQ7 Creative Spark in Quiltmaker May/June Issue

Posted 04-01-2013 by | Posted in: EQ News and Press

Hexagons are the theme of the newest issue of Quiltmaker. Check out the creative technique Anita Grossman Solomon uses on page 20 to make two-sided hexagons in her quilt, Hexacadabra. Then flip to the Creative Spark section on page 24 to see variations of the quilt created in EQ7. Check out the Drawing Hexagons in EQ7 lesson available on Quiltmaker’s site too! One way to draw a hexagon with pencil and paper is to inscribe it in a circle. We can draw a hexagon much the same way in EQ7 using the Circle grid on the PatchDraw worktable. Take a look at the lesson and you’ll soon be drawing hexagon blocks like the ones shown in the sampler quilt here.

New Quiltmaker May/June Issue!

Posted 03-27-2013 by | Posted in: EQ News and Press

The new Quiltmaker May/June issue has lots of exciting features. Electric Quilt’s own, Margaret Okuley, designed a beautiful quilt. The issue includes instructions and a material list for the quilt.  If you want to make your own version, EQ7 is great for planning the coloring placement. Also….you can win an EQ7! See the magazine for details!

Beaquilter’s EQ appliqued Animals Blog Hop

Posted 03-03-2013 by | Posted in: EQ News and Press

Check out this cute blog hop from one of our EQ users, Bea Lee! She recently posted on her blog, Beaquilter, about the new blog hop starting April 22: EQ (Electric Quilt) Appliqued Animals- Blog Hop April 22nd- 26th If you own EQ and like to “play” with it. This is the BLOG HOP for you!! There will be 3 sub-themes 1: Summer Animals 2: Critters and Bugs 3: Summer garden “stuff” Check out her blog to learn more and sign up. We will be checking in on the submissions you can be sure of that!

NEW! Now EQ Can Sew! Introducing, EQStitch

Posted 02-19-2013 by | Posted in: EQ Company News EQ News and Press

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