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Desert Daze: Prize Winning Quilt by Debra Crine

Posted 02-07-2013 by | Posted in: EQ News and Press User Spotlight

Road to California 2013 Quilters’ Conference and Showcase contests have come to a close. And we found at least one EQ user in the bunch! Debra Crine takes the award for Best Quilt from First Time Entrant. Congratulations Debra! (See all the winners here. ) I asked Debra to tell me more about her quilts. She says: Although I am an east coast girl I love the colors, motifs and designs used in southwestern art. This quilt (Desert Daze) was designed in EQ. Majority of the fabrics used are my own hand dyes. I’ve been using EQ since version 5 and design all of my “traditional” quilts using your software. You can see more of my work on my website. Desert Daze, Kiwi, A Splash of Lime and Star Light (soon to be posted) were all designed using EQ.  Star Light is a finalist in this years New Quilts from Old Favorites

EQ7 Creative Spark in Quiltmaker March/April Issue

Posted 02-06-2013 by | Posted in: EQ News and Press

The newest issue of Quiltmaker focuses on pre-cuts, which is great because who doesn’t have a charm pack or jelly roll in their stash these days? Carolyn Beam’s bright and fun Prints Charming quilt was designed with charm squares in mind. Check out the EQ7 designed variations of Carolyn’s quilt on page 30. Check out the online EQ7 lesson for designing with pre-cuts! Lots of great information for designing around predetermined sizes.

EQ’s Heidi Kory’s lesson featured in Modern Quilts Unlimited

Posted 01-30-2013 by | Posted in: EQ News and Press

Electric Quilt’s own, Heidi Kory, of Heidi Finds, has written a lesson for the new magazine, Modern Quilts Unlimited. Modern Quilts Unlimited is “following the wave of modern quilting” it’s fun and full of fresh ideas. In the lesson Heidi talks about ways to use traditional blocks to make  modern quilts. EQ7 has so many techniques for changing the look of the quilt and blocks, but in this lesson the focus is on different ways to use color within the program. There is also a bonus section of the lesson that is available online. You can check it out here.

Tips on Drawing Realistic Appliqué by Andrea Bishop in Quilters Newsletter

Posted 01-15-2013 by | Posted in: EQ News and Press

    Check out the new February/March issue of Quilters Newsletter Magazine!     UPDATE: The quilt on the cover is by Deb Karasik. She designed the quilt in EQ7 and has been using EQ software for over 10 years. Read more about her, and her quilt on page 60. You can also check out more of her vibrant, gorgeous work on her website, Congrats Deb!     Also, this lesson has some great tips for drawing realistic appliqué in EQ7, and drawing EQ appliqué in general. The article, by Andrea Bishop, has step-by-step instructions for drawing a particular, somewhat complex, block. Learning how to draw that individual block, along with the tips, will teach you how to almost any appliqué block. Don’t miss it!

EQ’s Own Margaret Okuley in McCall’s PLUS EQ7 Give Away

Posted 01-10-2013 by | Posted in: EQ News and Press

Yes! Margaret’s EQ7 designed quilt, Sunset on the Water, is featured in the upcoming McCall’s Quilting March/April 2013 issue. Make sure you pick up a copy and get the pattern. See the Sunset on the Water feature page on and then enter to win an EQ7 from McCall’s! If you’ve paid attention, you’ve seen a lot of Margaret in 2012 magazines. She’s always busy with an EQ project here. Sometimes, in the EQ office, we joke about “checking on Margaret” because she’s often in her sewing room designing away with EQ7 or meticulously working on a quilt project. And everytime we do check in on her we find at least one new quilt or pillow finished and folded perfectly on the sewing table. Nearly every time one of use opens it and thinks, “Why is this beautiful quilt just sitting here!?” If we never dug through her piles of quilts, we wouldn’t

Judy Martin Star Power Review and Give-Away

Posted 01-04-2013 by | Posted in: Contests EQ News and Press

Just a few months ago we announced the new EQ7 add-on, Judy Martin Star Power; 110 blocks and 61 quilts to use in  your EQ7! Plus, piecing diagrams for every block and quilt! One of our favorite bloggers, SewCalGal, has just posted a review (and give-away) for EQ’s new EQ7 add-on, Judy Martin Star Power. Read the full review and enter her give-away here.

Quilting Resolutions!

Posted 12-31-2012 by | Posted in: EQ News and Press

The new year is almost here! For many of us that means setting some new goals and resolutions for ourselves in 2013. Have you thought about your quilting resolutions? Maybe you’d like to make a dent in that growing pile of UFOs or put some of those orphan blocks to good use. Here’s how EQ7 can help you design a project around already-sewn elements! You could find your patterns in the Block Library or draw them on the Block Worktable, but the quickest way to start designing around finished blocks is to take a photo of the sewn piece and import it into EQ7. In EQ7, click the Work on Image button. Then click the Import Image button on the left toolbar. Browse to the location of your photo, click on the file, and click Open. The photo will be on the Image Worktable. Now crop out the background of

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