Disappearing 9-patch blocks are extremely popular to use in quilts.  They are easy to make in EQ8 using the Serendipity tools.  With just a few clicks you can see all the different variations of a 9-patch block using EQ8.

Open your EQ8 program and create a new project called Disappearing 9 Patch.   Be sure to click the OK at the bottom of the box.

Open the view sketchbook and locate the built-in EQ8 9-patch design.

Select the 9-patch and then click on EDIT at the bottom of the box.  This will place the design on the block worktable.

The block worktable opens up on the DRAW tab of the block worktable.

Click on the COLOR tab at the top of the screen and recolor the block as below.

Add to sketchbook 

At the top of the screen, click on the BLOCK heading and select Serendipity>Clip and Flip.

The Clip and Flip box will open.  With the 9-patch block selected, the program will focus on the upper left corner of the block.  You can then click on each of the different layout options to see how to rotate your 4 pieces of the 9-patch block to create a new pattern layout.  After selecting each of the different layout options, click on ‘add to sketchbook’.  Click on the ‘close’ in the box when finished.

Open the view sketchbook to see all your new Disappearing 9-Patch layout options.

With just a few clicks you have changed a standard 9-patch layout into a more interesting Disappearing 9-Patch design.  Play with your program and recolor the block with fabrics to suit your own color preferences.