Fonts are not just letters and numbers.  Fonts can also be represented as designs.  You can use TTF (True Type Fonts) in EQ8 to create unique designs using the text tool.

I use free fronts from the Da Font website.  Selecting only the TTF format of fonts, I download them to my Font Folder on my computer.  EQ8 can read the TTF files using the text tool to create the designs I want.  Dingbats are a type of font that is an image.  I use dingbats to create pictures I can use in EQ8. Download the TTF of your choice and install it in the Fonts folder on your computer.

NOTE:  Install the fonts before you open EQ8.  If you install the fonts after EQ8 is already open, it may not pick up the new font in the computer font folder.

Open your EQ8 program and create a new project named ‘Playing with Fonts‘.

All fonts (text)  are added to the quilt worktable on layer two (2) of the layout using the text tool.  You can add your design to any layout of your choosing.  I used the Custom Layout to create my text design.

On the Design tab, click on layer 2  at the bottom of the screen.  Select the Text Tools icon on the ribbon at the top of the screen.

In the applique text properties box at the left, click on the set text icon and then click on the down arrow and scroll to a TTF font of your choice that will be pictures instead of letters.

Move the cursor over to the worktable and while holding down the shift key on the keyboard, click/hold/drag/release a text box onto the worktable.  It will have a flashing cursor inside the box letting you know it is ready for you to type in your text.

Type any letter of your choice from your keyboard.  When typing a letter it will show as an image.

Depending on the TTF fonts you added to your computer you may have a selection of both capital and lower case letters.

Click on the adjust tool in the applique text properties box at the left side of the screen.  Click/hold/drag/release a corner node of the design to enlarge the size of the image you created.

Click and drag the resized shape to a better location.  While it is still selected, click on the copy/paste icons in the applique text properties box on the left side of the screen.  Do this several times and resize and position each copy in a better location.

Click on the fabric tools icon on the ribbon at the top of the screen.  Choose the colors of your choice and color your applique design.  You can also add more elements to your design for a finished look.

There is no end to the unique designs you can create using TTF’s.  

NOTE:  Not all TTF’s work well. You will need to experiment.  Usually, solid-filled designs work well.  Linear style designs may have an issue as the program sees these as applique and it is difficult to get a good linear design to produce a great applique element.

Print your pattern pieces by clicking on the print and export tab at the top of the screen.  Click on an element of the design to select it.  Once it is selected it will have a green selection box around it.  Click on the templates option from the print patterns box at the left.

In the print template box, set the key block to none, and the print seam allowance is turned off.  This will produce a fusible applique pattern.  Click on the word preview at the bottom of the box.

You will need to print a pattern for each of the elements of your design.

Enjoy your playtime as you explore how to use True Type Fonts in EQ8 to create unique designs!