The Electric Quilt Company is 30!

The Electric Quilt Company’s Story – How It All Began

We’re celebrating 30 years! Since the pearl is the traditional symbol for 30 years, we’re sharing EQ Pearls of Wisdom from our friends! See all Pearls of Wisdom posts. We hope you enjoy the tips and tricks you learn along the way and discover some new quilters or catch up with your favorites! Also, we’d love to hear about YOUR journey with EQ so feel free to tell us your story in the comments on any post! A big THANK YOU to all our customers for your support over the years. We’re looking forward to many more!  :-D

This week’s featured friend: Lori Miller!

Tell us a bit about yourself!

Hello, I’m Lori Miller from Lori Miller Designs.  I am a Quilter, Pattern Designer, Educator and EQ8 superfan!   I live in Oxford, Michigan with my husband , Chas and my son, Colin.  When I am not quilting, you can find me in the garden, at the up north cottage or bike riding on the PollyAnne Trail.  I have a lovely studio in my walk out basement, it is my happy place.

Lori’s studio

When did you start using Electric Quilt and how has it changed your quilting life?

I have been quilting for over 20 years and dreaming up quilt designs long before that.  When pencil and paper would just not do, I decided to try a copy of EQ7 to design quilts.  I attended the first EQ Academy in Ohio and was hooked.  I started to use it to submit quilts to magazines and to design patterns.  I have been lucky to be published in several national magazines and I sell my patterns in my Lori Miller Designs Etsy Shop.  I have shown my creations in National Quilt Shows.  I also happen to write the EQ8 Lessons with Lori on the EQ Blog sharing fun educational lessons to help you build your EQ skills.  Electric Quilt helped me start a second creative career that is so fun and rewarding.

Lori attending the first EQ Academy in 2015

Lori teaching at EQ Academy in 2021

Quilt designed by Lori in EQ

Swallow Fire designed by Lori in EQ

What is your EQ “Pearl of Wisdom” for EQ users?

My Pearl of Wisdom is to explore the MAGIC of Layer 2. Layer 2 is for blocks, motifs and text that are sewn on top of the quilt top.  You drag your blocks or motifs from the palette over to drop on the quilt. Even more exciting, Layer 2 can also help you create effects that you cannot design any other way.  You can easily create an irregular border or quilt shape by taking advantage of Layer 2.

You can set up the layout to have a single block for anchoring but drop in an irregular shape from layer 2 to make a one block quilt that is not square.  You can also set up a border with blocks for spacing, then use layer 2 to drop in scalloped borders, points , triangles or other irregular shapes and get them arranged and spaced evenly.  When you are all done with setting up layer 2, you can remove the border guidelines but your layer 2 blocks stay in place.

I hope you explore Layer 2 Magic. There are lots of great examples in the Quick Quilts section called Table Runners.

There are also two EQ8 Lessons with Lori that explore Layer 2 Magic:

Stardrop Table Topper Part 1 & 2

Prairie Points Dimensions in Quilting

Infinity designed by Lori in EQ

Concentric designed by Lori in EQ

What are you up to now and what do you have coming up?

I always have a project or quilt design in process.  I recently became an Accuquilt Go Getter! So I get to combine my love of EQ8 Quilt design and then cut the quilt out with the Accuquilt GO Cutters.  I even created a series of Add-on EQ8 Block libraries for Accuquilt Qubes and BOB’s where you can design in EQ8 with blocks that are conveniently sized to match Accuquilt dies.  I am working on several patterns that are long overdue and I am starting to book EQ8 teaching gigs again.  You can follow my quilting adventures at my website.  I offer my digital patterns and Add-on EQ8 block libraries in my Etsy Shop.  Follow me on Instagram and Facebook at Lori Miller Designs.

Quilt designed by Lori in EQ


This contest is closed. Winner: Molly Madison!

For her first giveaway, Lori will give away a set of her digital Add-on EQ8 libraries for Accuquilt to one lucky winner.

To enter, answer the question below by leaving your answer in a comment on one of the following:

Click here to enter on Lori’s Instagram page.

Click here to enter on Lori’s Facebook page.

For a third chance to enter, comment on this post below.

Question to enter: Which quilt block is your favorite?

Contest closes Sunday, October 24 at 11:59pm ET. Winners will be chosen at random and contacted via email.

EQ8 Block Library File – Accuquilt 8″ Qube Nine Patch Party

For the second giveaway, Lori will give away her project, Cherry Basket Table Topper using the Layer 2 Magic for the scallop borders.

Download the project here!

Cherry Basket designed by Lori for EQ

Hope you enjoyed this “pearl” of wisdom. Feel free to share your EQ story or a “pearl” of your own in the comments! Stay tuned for our next post!

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