The Electric Quilt Company is 30!

We’re celebrating 30 years! Since the pearl is the traditional symbol for 30 years, we’re sharing EQ Pearls of Wisdom from our friends starting June 1! Check back each week for a new “pearl!”

Plus, each post includes a free project download or giveaway!  :lol:

We hope you enjoy the tips and tricks you learn along the way and discover some new quilters or catch up with your favorites! Also, we’d love to hear about YOUR journey with EQ so feel free to tell us your story in the comments on any post! A big THANK YOU to all our customers for your support over the years. We’re looking forward to many more!

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How it all began…

The Electric Quilt Company started as Dean Neumann, then a math professor at Bowling Green State University, married Penny McMorris, a corporate art curator and producer/host of several PBS series on quilting. Both loved quilts, and Dean had an idea he hoped might help quiltmakers develop their design ideas on-screen. So as Penny worked on a new television series, Dean spent spare time teaching himself programming, then developed the first Electric Quilt software program.

Dean’s program debuted on a segment of Penny’s “Great American Quilt” program (WBGU-TV) in 1991 (shown in the video below!). Viewers from across the country called the television station. Penny and Dean collected their names. And The Electric Quilt Company was born.

Today, The Electric Quilt Company is the leading quilt design software company in the world. Since 1991, it has produced several software editions, published numerous books, and developed dozens of quilt, block, and fabric add-ons.

Equally important is education and customer support. The company offers hands-on EQ education in Perrysburg, Ohio at EQ Academy, each year. Electric Quilt places a special emphasis on offering customer service. Penny & Dean both agree, “We are immensely proud of the people behind our company: how hard they work, how smart they are, how eagerly they tackle new assignments, and as importantly, how kind they are to users who contact us for help.

Have you experienced our support? Let us know how we did!

Thank you again for your continued support of The Electric Quilt Company and its products. We’d love to hear about how you got started using EQ and your experience over the years. Share your story in the comments below!

A look back…

Recognize some of these software boxes, trade show booths, or EQ employees?