We always love to see the beautiful entries that are submitted to a design challenge! The Good Vibes quilts are awesome!! (See them in the original post here.) Thanks to everyone for participating!


There are two winners for this challenge; one selected by Benartex, and one by Christa!  Each will receive a bundle of the Good Vibes fabrics!! Congratulations to…..

Benartex’s Choice: Karen Kehl
“This was so much fun! I love the playfulness of these fabrics and I have enjoyed seeing everyone’s quilts. I decided to modernize a traditional block. I love the range of colors and how this quilt pops!”

Christa’s Choice: Elizabeth Wickes

“I call this the Color Maze and it is meant to showcase the low volume/high volume and contrasting colorways of Good Vibes! The high volume prints are on the outside with the longest lines and the low volume are on the inside. Fun patterns when you are up close, letting the patterns shine, and a large bold pattern when you are far away. I designed this to be made in 12″ blocks using 2.5″ strips, most of which would be easy FPP made to keep you precise. This has a long continuous path following through the colors, so I can imagine my son racing his cars through it.”

Again, you can see all the fabulous entries in the original blog post. Thanks again to all participants and congrats to the winners!!

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