A new DESIGN AND SEW ALONG 2, will be launching soon. I hope you can join me in this next set of free lessons on the Electric Quilt website.  Be sure to sign up for the newsletter and lessons notifications. You can sign up for the newsletters and the blog postings there so you won’t miss any new lessons as they are posted.  If you missed the first set of DESIGN AND SEW ALONG WITH YVONNE you can still access all those lessons here

The lessons will begin on May 3 and then a new lesson will be available every two weeks following that. May 3, May 17, May 31, June 14, and June 28.  The two weeks between lessons will give you time to stitch your designs if you choose to do so.  This series will focus on using the built-in designs and  EQ tools to create your blocks and quilts. Each lesson is completely stand-alone and not building from one week to the next.  This way you can choose which lesson most appeals to you and produce a quilt from that lesson alone. Not everyone wants to draw their designs so we will be using what is in the program already and focus on editing those designs to create new unique designs of our own.  This series is very applicable to the beginner user for EQ8 but also has something for every level of user of the program.

The weekly lessons will be downloadable and printable and there will also be a downloadable video that matches the lesson handout.  This way you can save the complete lesson and video to your computer to work from instead of needing to be connected to the internet the entire time.  You will also be able to post your design creations from each lesson to the website for everyone to see what you have created and be inspired by your choices.  You can also post questions there and I will be there to answer them for you as we go along.

There are hundreds of blocks built into the program, but if you have purchased add-on blocks for the EQ8 program, you will be able to use those if you choose.  The skills you acquire in this set of lessons will apply to any of the EQ8 add-on blocks.  We are in luck as those add-on blocks are on sale through April 30 from the EQ website so if you see something you like, you could purchase and download those series of blocks to use in this course.

The emphasis in this series of lessons will be on editing built-in designs in EQ8. By completing this series of lessons, you will know how to locate the tools of the program, how to use the block library to create new unique blocks, how to color the blocks for more emphasis, how to change the preference for the blocks to allow more design options, how to print the patterns for the blocks, how to change the arrangement of the blocks in a quilt layout, and so much more!  Be sure to join me for this deeper exploration of what the EQ8 program has to offer us.