Welcome everyone to our newest sew along lessons!  We are calling this ‘DESIGN AND SEWING’ .   The lessons are for everyone but can be especially beneficial for the beginner EQ8 user.  Following along with the lessons and creating the pattern will be a great way to learn how to use the tools in the EQ8 program.

The lessons begin with this introduction on January 12 and there will be a new lesson posted every 2nd and 4th Sunday of the month for 3 months.  The first designing lesson will be January 26, 2020.  There will be instructions on how to create the blocks and the layout for the quilt below.  This will include all the different block styles, border options, and printing of the patterns for each of the blocks for construction.  You will be able to download and print the lesson from the website to follow along.  You will print your patterns for the blocks directly from your EQ8 program as you design each of the blocks.

For those of you who are more visual learners, each lesson will include a video covering the lesson steps for each session.  You will post your questions and add images of your blocks directly on the website so everyone can see what we are creating step by step.

What can you expect you will learn throughout the course of the lesson?  Here is a list of most of the items we will cover.

Create a block; Use the Block Library; Work with Different styles of blocks;Add blocks to the sketchbook; Using the block drawing tools; How to set up the block worktable; How to edit your blocks; How to color your blocks with fabrics; How to find blocks in the sketchbook; Printing block patterns and fabric requirements; Understanding the quilt layout worktable; Determine size of quilt-fabric requirements for entire quilt;  Number of blocks required for layout; Learn how to set preferences for the project; Naming the project; Where to find the project on computer; How to post your questions and work on the website; Viewing and saving the mini videos from the website lesson.  All of this and so much more will be covered!  There is something for everyone in the DESIGN AND SEWING LESSONS.

You may choose to just create a virtual quilt and blocks or you may choose to print the block patterns and create a quilt.  The choice is yours.  In the first lesson I will be giving you the fabric requirements if you would like to construct the quilt as we work along.  

I look forward to you joining us as we work along for the next few months.  Can’t wait to hear from you regarding this new way of learning EQ8 from home.