Using Panels!

A question that we get a lot is how to use panels in quilts. So, that is what we are doing this month!

Here is the quilt I created. Download the EQ8 project here.

I used Petit Fleurs Alphabet Blocks Fabric Panel by Carolyn Gavin for Windham Fabrics. (There is a whole line of fabrics that go along with it and I think they are adorable.)

First I searched the internet to get a full image of the panel. (If you are using a panel you already have and can’t find the image on the internet you can take a picture of it on your phone and email it to yourself.)

I saved the image to my desktop.

Now, open EQ8.

  1. Click Libraries > Photo Library
  2. (Here is more information on when to import something as a fabric and when to import it as a photo.)
  3. Click the Import button and choose From Image File
  4. Navigate to the image on your computer and then click Open
  5. Click Add to Sketchbook and Close.
  6. Click on Quilt Worktable
  7. Click the Layout tab and choose Horizontal
  8. Make the layout 1 x 1
  9. I made mine 44 x 24 but it just depends on the size of your particular panel.
  10. Now, click the Design tab and Photo Tools

  11. Click the Set Photo tool, click your panel and click on the quilt.
  12. Now, let’s add some borders. Click the Borders tab.
  13. Have fun adding borders of different styles and sizes!
  14. You can also place blocks in your border as I’ve done with these heart blocks.
  15. Now click on the Fabric Tools
  16. Click Libraries > Fabric Library
    You may want to move the window over a little so you can see you panel better.
  17. Now, click the Search button and Choose By Color
  18. I tried to match the green from the panel. I chose a green swatch that looked similar. (In this situation you can ignore the fabric in the larger square.) Add a check mark next to all the other libraries you would like to search and click Search.
  19. Click a fabric that you like, click Add to Sketchbook and click Close.
  20. Recolor you quilt as you like!
  21. When you are done make sure to save your quilt by clicking Add to Sketchook.
  22. If you haven’t named your project yet, you will get this message.
  23. Make sure to save your project by naming it!
  24. I also made a simpler version that would be the perfect size for a crib. It’s not a complicated design, but this way EQ does all the math for border size and I don’t have to!  ;)

If you want to post images of your quilts, here is how to export the images.

To post your image click to comment on this post. Fill in your info and then click Browse.
Go to: Documents\My EQ8\Images
I can’t wait to see what you’ve done! I hope you enjoyed the lesson!
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