Over the next few weeks, we’ll be sharing our top 10 favorite new features in EQ8. Subscribe to this blog and follow us on social media (Facebook and Instagram with #EQ8Top10) to see all 10! See the complete list of features on our website.

#10 – Updated Libraries

Block Library

The Block Library has a total of 6,779 blocks. That’s over 1,000 blocks MORE than EQ7! The majority of the additions have been added to the Foundation Pieced and Contemporary Applique libraries. Plus, the block colorings got a bit of a makeover to they look more modern and fresh!

Fabric Library

The Fabric Library has 6,278 new fabrics ready to be used in your design! Each fabric was carefully scanned and notecarded with the manufacturer’s name, designer’s name and SKU number.

Photo Library

The Photo Library has 233 photos. Play around with these photos, (or import your own!) by adding filters, symmetries and so much more!

Color Palette

The color palette has been completely rebuilt to offer more of an organized palette. Sort these colors to put your favorites at the beginning of the list. You can make your own colors too!