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#9 – New and Updated Printing Features

Get Estimates for Fat Quarters!

We love that the fabric estimates now include fat quarter calculations! If there are patches that are larger than a fat quarter, EQ will use a $ symbol to make you aware. And don’t forget, the SKU number is included so you can easily take your printout with you when you’re shopping for your fabric! If you’re calculating based on fabric width instead of fat quarters, the printout now displays the width of fabric that is being calculated.

Mirror Templates for Fusible Applique

That’s right! You can now mirror your template patterns! Turn the seam allowance off for easy fusible applique! Plus, templates can now be rotated by 30 degree increments, instead of 90 degrees. This makes it easier to fit all your patches on a page before printing.

Colored Foundation Patterns

You can now print your foundation patterns in color! This makes matching your fabrics to your pattern much easier. (Don’t worry, you still have the option to print in grayscale or line drawings too!)

Also, all block pattern printouts now include the project file name in the footer, so you will always know which project this pattern came from.

Improved Rotary Cutting Charts

The rotary cutting charts have been graphically enhanced to help provide a better understanding of what needs cut from your strip of fabric. There is now an option to calculate the cutting directions without rounding the math. This will give you exact dimensions of your patches, allowing you to make the best choice whether to round by 1/8 inch, 1/16 inch, or to choose a different printout option, such as templates.

See the complete list of features on the Electric Quilt website.