I refer to the EQStitch digitizing program as ‘the little program that could’.  It may be a basic entry level auto-ditigizing program, but you can create pretty spectacular results with it.  The drawing tools are easy to use the and options give you a great selection to add interest to your designs.  I can make just about anything I set my mind to with this little program.

Open your EQStitch program.

Click on the stitch worktable icon and then select the embroidery worktable from the drop down menu.

Now using the shape tools only, see if you can create a simple design.  I have made a little puppy dog using the shapes only.

This design is quick and simple to draw.  You can teach a young child how to create their own expressive ideas using the shape tools only in the program.

After you have created your design, click on the stitch tab at the bottom of the screen.

Click on the set fill stitch icon on the toolbar and select different styles of stitches for each section to give the design more interest.

Click on the set thread icon on the toolbar and select the colors you want to paint your design with.

When you are finished, export the design in the file format you need for your machine.

Approach the designing with a childlike thought process.  Keep the design simple and quick to make.  Discover how unique you can make your own design.