I have just returned from the Houston International Quilt Festival where is was my pleasure to teach several classe on EQStitch and EQ7.  There were a lot of questions about further educational information for more study especially with the EQStitch software.  I felt these questions would be of interest to people who take my EQStitch classes on line at EQ University so I thought I would answer them here.

1.  Is there a specific order to taking the EQStitch classes at EQUniversity?

There are no pre-requisites for these classes but I did write them in an orderly fashion.  You may take them in any order.  Not all the information is repeated from one class to the other.  As you progress through the lessons, more information is added to the information in the first classes.  I suggest you take the classes in the order they were written, but it is entirely up to you.

Welcome to EQStitch

EQStitch the Next Step

EQStitch Advanced Techniques in Applique

2.  Are the lessons a repeat of what is in the EQ With Me–Learning EQStitch book and the built in help menu in the program?

I have found through working with the program there are easier ways to approach the digitizing, especially with regards to using text.  The EQUniversity classes are different from  the book I wrote and the information built into the program.

3.  What type of designs will we create in the classes for EQStitch on EQUniversity?

I feel my job as an educator is to teach you how to use the tools effectively.  I write from the perspective of teaching tips and techniques that can be applied to any design you wish to create as a result of taking the classes.  I do not approach the classes as creating beautiful designs you will want to stitch and keep forever.  I wrote the classes based on the techniques used with each of the tools in the program and you can apply that information as you go ahead and create your own unique embroidery designs.

4.  Are the classes for EQStitch including all the tools in the program for every class?

The first two classes were written before the program was updated to include the new Move Up/Down tool on the stitch tab.  The use of the newest tool added to the program is discussed in the class on Advanced Techniques in Applique.  You can also get more information about this tool on my YouTube site where I have small videos about how to use the program.

Any classes I teach include videos and written hand outs you can print while studying on line at EQUniversity.

Another great resource for learning the EQStitch program is at the annual EQAcademy retreat in April.  We have the full complement of the EQ staff at this event to help with any questions on their programs.  This is an excellent in depth hands on learning experience where you get to know the EQ staff and the EQ educators.   Enrollment is open for the April 2017 retreat now through the EQ website.  I hope to see you there!