Sometimes less is more.  You can design overall projects using only a few different shapes.  Start with three simple shapes and then move  your hoop from place to place to create an overall scene with the basic shapes.

Open the EQStitch program and search the libraries for the shapes you want to use.

I chose an oak leaf, a pumpkin and an acorn.  Add the shapes to the sketchbook.

Open the shapes on the block worktable (where they were created),  and copy/ paste them to the stitch worktable to be able to use them in the embroidery machine.   Do this for each shape separately rather than combining all the elements on one stitch worktable. Save each of the design elements to the sketchbook.

Add the stitch properties  you want for your basic shapes and then export them in the file format you need for your machine. I did a basic running stitch for my elements because I was going to make simple appliques and add my own free motion stitching details later.  You may choose to do the finished edge stitches within the embroidery hoop  instead.

Using an all ready pieced background, hoop the project and then stitch the individual elements over the top of the background.

NOTE:  If you are not a quilter, you could use a pre-made quilted place mat as your background.

I chose to make my shapes simple and used felt pieces as applique elements.  After I scattered and layered the elements over the top of the background using multiple hoopings, I then went back and free motion quilted in the design details for a very primitive look.  The overall effect of the project worked nicely for what I was trying to achieve.