I have a challenge for you.  Think of an era of time and what symbols you imagine that automatically relate to that time period.  Consider the 1950′s.  That was a time of the big explosion of rock and roll music, poodle skirts, saddle shoes, juke boxes, dancing the jive, drive-in movie theaters, and so much more.  When you see these icons you automatically think of the 1950′s era.  Now take just the years’ numerals and create a design using those numbers only.  I chose 1953.

Open the EQStitch program.

Click on the work on stitching worktable icon at the top of the screen.

Click on STITCHING>New Design>Machine Applique.

I choose to work on the aqpplique worktable because I can do both embroidery and applique on this one worktable.

Make sure you have all your tools added to the toolbar.

Click on the text tool to select it.  Move the cursor over to the drawing area and click/hold/drag/release a box.  Double click inside the box to see the flashing cursor.

The box is now ready to receive text.

On the text properties bar at the top of the screen, click on the down arrow and select any text you want that has numbers associated with it.

Double click inside the text box to see the flashing cursor and type the numerals.

Type in the numbers of the year of your choice.  I used 1953.

Add the text to the sketchbook .  By adding to the sketchbook, the typed numbers automatically become patches we can work with to create our design.

Using the pick tool , click on the elements and drag them to a new position, resize them, create a shape with the numbers using the wreathmaker tool, or whatever you want to do to create the design you want using the numbers only.

Click on the fabric tab at the bottom of the screen to apply applique fabrics.

Click on the stitch tab at the bottom of the screen to apply the rest of your stitches to enhance the design.  Add the design to the sketchbook.

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