In EQ7, you are working with finished sizes. When planning your patch/block sizes in EQ7, subtract ½” from the pre-cut size to account for seam allowance.

For example, if you want to make a strip quilt using a Jelly Roll (2.5” x 44”), set your strip size to 2” x 43.5”.

The same concept applies to block design. Let’s say you want to use a Mini Charm Pack (2.5” x 2.5”) to make this Double Irish Chain block:

First, subtract ½” from each dimension of the Mini Charm Pack, giving you the finished size of the patch- 2” x 2”.

This block is 5 squares wide and 5 squares tall, so multiply the finished patch size by 5 to find the finished block size.

Finished Block Size: 2” x 5 = 10”

The math for half-square triangle units is a little different. For HST units, subtract 7/8” from the pre-cut size.

Example: Charm Pack fabrics (5” x 5”) make 4.125” finished half-square triangles.

(Note: If you like to trim your HST units, you may want to use 4″ as your finished HST size.)

This Yankee Puzzle block from the EQ7 Block Library is made up of all half-square triangles. It is 4 HST units wide by 4 HST units tall. If you want to use Charm Pack fabrics for this block, multiply the finished half-square triangle size by 4 to find the finished block size.

Finished Block Size: 4.125” x 4 = 16.5”

Now that you know the finished block size, you can design a quilt with this Charm Pack-friendly design. On the Quilt Worktable, click QUILT > New Quilt > Horizontal.

On the Layout tab, input these settings:

Now you can set the Yankee Puzzle block in the quilt and it will be sized correctly for Charm Pack fabrics. Here, I’ve alternated it with the Mosaic, No. 5 block, also from the EQ7 Block Library. Mosaic, No. 5 is made up entirely of HST units so this block is also Charm Pack-friendly.