If you’ve been with us for a while, you’ll notice that each year around this time, we have a cute little visitor to our site:
Sunbonnet Sue

It’s our friend, Sunbonnet Sue, and she has the very important job of decorating the tree each year! She holds a special place in our hearts here at EQ and I thought I’d share a little bit about her story today.

Penny McMorris & Dean Neumann, EQ founders

The Sunbonnet Sue animation was created by Dean Neumann, EQ co-founder and programmer. She made her first appearance on our site back in 1996, shortly after our first website was launched. EQ3 was our current version of the software at that time.

Electric Quilt 1 – 7 Product Boxes

EQ3 could only export PCX files (PiCture eXchange) for images. Dean made the animation by drawing individual blocks on the Block Worktable for each of the movements. He exported a PCX for each block and then “stitched” those image files together to create the animation.

This year, we’d like to share the Holiday Sunbonnet Sue block with all of our users! Click here to download the Holiday Sunbonnet Sue EQ7 project file. The project includes the original block design, and a new quilt design featuring the block.

Happy holidays from all of us here at The Electric Quilt Company!