You may have noticed that EQ’s website has tabs at the top.

The first tab (Electric Quilt) is mostly shopping and product information.

The second tab (Do You EQ) has lots of free projects, Club EQ, lessons, the Quilt Gallery, EQ Artists and much more.

The third tab (The EQ Blog) is where you are right now.

The fourth tab (EQ Support) is a tech support site.

The fifth tab (EQ University) has online classes website offering the best classes for EQ software, taught by the most experienced EQ teachers around.

Be sure to check them all out! But, right now let’s focus on the tech support site.

Tech support is available Monday-Friday, 9-5 Eastern Standard time at 419-352-1134 or

But, it’s it’s after hours, or you want to try and look up an issue yourself the tech support page never closes! :)

You can click a category along the left, or search for something specific. The most popular questions are featured.


Hopefully this help, but we are always happy to talk and email people too! If you have any questions, please contact tech support. Call 419-352-1134 or email
We are here  M-F, 9am-5pm EST.