Sandi's Finished Quilt

We love to see what our users create with EQ7! EQ user, Sandi Feenstra reached out to us via social media to tell us about a quilt she had just finished. She sent us a photo of her EQ7-designed quilt (pictured left). It measures 60″ x 78″ and is made up of 875 2.5″ squares! I thanked Sandi for reaching out to us and asked her a few questions… 

EQ: Thanks so much for posting your EQ7 project on social media! We LOVE seeing EQ users’ creations! What was your inspiration for this quilt?
Sandi: I saw a picture of an “Around the World” quilt and knew I wanted one.  This project began when I was lucky enough to discover candy squares of a popular Moda fabric collection reduced 50%.

EQ: Tell us a little about yourself and how you got into quilting. 
Sandi: My husband retired 3 years ago and moved us to Green Bay, WI.  Being in a new environment I needed a  hobby to occupy my free time.  The only sewing machine I’d ever owned was a 45 year-old Singer. Once I purchased my new machine I started shopping in the local quilt shops, sewing machine stores and attending local sewing parties.  I met three very lovely ladies who were  all into quilting who helped me as I’d never made a quilt before.  I also researched quilting styles and designs online and joined a few Facebook sewing and quilting groups.

Sandi's EQ7 Design

EQ: How did you first find out about EQ quilt design software and what made you decide to purchase it?
Sandi: In a Facebook group I belong to, a member mentioned EQ.  I researched the product and was disappointed that it was not available for Apple computers.  I continued to read about it but being a loyal MAC gal thought I was just out of luck.  Finally, EQ announced the EQ7 would be released for MAC.  I knew then I would purchase the software.  Besides, my husband had purchased several musical instruments and we have a standing “quid pro quo” arrangement…better known as “you buy something; I get to buy something.”


EQ: How has the program changed your designing capabilities? 
Sandi: Before EQ7 I used graph paper and colored pencils to design a few quilts. With EQ7, the process is no longer tedious, rather it’s  fun. It’s like a game. I currently have over 300 virtual quilts completed (I doubt I’ll finish all of them).

EQ: Did you teach yourself how to use EQ7 or did you use additional resources? 
Sandi: I watched the video lessons and completed the quilt lessons.  I joined the EQ7 Facebook page and started playing with the program.  It is easy to follow.  I love the startup tips every time I open the program.

EQ: What about the software do you find most beneficial?  
Sandi: Being able to decide the finished size and print the fabric requirements for the quilt is beneficial.  I also love the ability to upload fabrics in my stash and use them when picking the fabrics for my quilts.

EQ: Any plans for future EQ7 projects? 
Sandi: I would never start a quilt without first plotting the design in EQ7, printing a picture of my project and the fabric yardage requirements.

EQ: Thank you so much for doing this interview with me, Sandi! Is there anything else you’d like us to know about you, your quilt or your design process?
Sandi: I sew quilts  for fun, family and friends.   I love designing virtual quilts when I do not have  time to be in the sewing room. I have met wonderful friends who share quilting as a hobby in Green Bay and I design quilt projects for them using  EQ7.

A big thanks to Sandi Feenstra for doing this interview with me. Stay tuned to see the next EQ-designed quilt we come across – it might be yours! :)