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There are so many fun projects you can do with Peel & Stick Inkjet Fabric but one of my favorites is onsie stickers. You may have seen these in baby photos. There is a sticker for each month. You put the sticker on the baby’s onsie and take a photo on the monthly “birthday”.

Here are some I made in EQ7! You can download the EQ7 file here.

(With EQ you can change the color, size, font, and there are 6 more blocks to choose from.)

Or you can download the PDF versions of these too!

Get the Grey PDF version here
or the Pink PDF version here.
As previously mentioned, there are more blocks to choose from in the EQ7 project.
And of course, you can recolor, change the font, edit the blocks, add more months, and more

And now, in case you’d like to know, here is how I did this in EQ7.

First, I drew the blocks.

Click Worktable > Work on Block

Block > New Block > EasyDraw + PatchDraw > click the Applique tab at the bottom of your screen

Use the Oval  and Polygon tool to draw your shapes. Click on the black triangles to see that they both have fly out menus that contain more shapes.

Also helpful are the Send to Back and Bring to Front buttons (pink)  and the Center button (purple).

With a block like “2 months” below, I used another tool – The Wreathmaker (orange).

First I drew my circle and one small heart.

Then, I clicked the Wreathmaker tool. You can adjust all the sliders and the preview will show how it effects the block. If you don’t like your results, hit undo and try again (and again and again, if you’d like).

Each time you are done with a block, don’t forget to click Add to Sketchbook to save it.

Ok, so now let’s start on the “quilt”.

Click Worktable > Work on Quilt

Quilt > New Quilt > Horizontal

Click your Layout tab at the bottom of your screen.

Make your quilt 3 x 4 (=12 for 12 months)

Click the Borders tab at the bottom of your screen.
Delete any borders.
Click the Layout tab at the bottom of your screen.

Make the finished size of your blocks 2.75 x 2.75 (This makes your quilt 8.25 x 11. This is important because you want to print the “quilt” on a piece of Peel & Stick Inkjet Fabric which is 8.5 x 11)

Click the Layout tab at the bottom of your screen.

Click the Set Block  tool and click in a square on the quilt.

Click the Layer 2 tab at the bottom of your screen.

Click the Set Applique Text  tool.

Hold down the SHIFT key on your keyboard and drag out a text box.
You can use the Paintbrush tool to change the color or fabric.
Use the Adjust tool to change the size and location on the text.

Don’t forget to Add to Sketchbook when you’re done.

Click File > Print > Quilt

Uncheck all the boxes under Options.

If you are printing on Peel & Stick Inkjet Fabric change your printer settings to thick paper, if possible.

Then, just cut out the circles, and you’re done! They make a great baby shower gift :)

BUT WAIT…THERE’S MORE! You can also download these cute Halloween Peel & Stick Inkjet Fabric printouts too! Of course, with EQ7 you can recolor, resize, move, layer, etc.

You can download this EQ7 project here.

They would work for onsies but would be great for lots of other fun things too!

If this inspires you to make something, let us know! Email photos to Heidi@electricquilt.com.