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Helen Rusch Phillips and Remembering Quilts – Capturing Memories on Fabric

Posted 11-04-2014 by | Posted in: From Our Users Just Because Printable Fabric Gallery

Helen Rusch Phillips makes photo quilts…very special photo quilts. She says her goal is to “bring comfort”…and she does, in more ways than one. Helen says, “I taught myself how to print Photos on Fabric after losing my mother following her issues with Alzheimer’s. I saw what can be done for people dealing with memory issues in their waning years or memory loss due to injury/illness and bring relief to patients, family members or caregivers. My passion later grew to assist families with Veterans dealing with TBI/PTSD. And later yet to honor and remember our fallen heroes. It is an amazing experience to help families tell a story with their photos. I chose “Remembering Quilts” because it is a blend of what technology has to offer with the traditional warmth and caring of a family quilt. I started making the Remembering Flags before Memorial Day 2012 to bring a little

Art quilts with EQ Printables

Posted 05-29-2013 by | Posted in: Printable Fabric Gallery User Spotlight

Judy Momenzadeh and Michaele Shapiro (also known as Mo and Mike) are award winning art quilters who like to use digital images in their art. Of course they use EQ Printables.  They have a great Etsy shop where they sell kits to make photo quilts. Check it out here!