4 Blocks, Lots of EQ Skills!

I’m so excited to announce a new sew along here on the EQ Blog! We’re going to make a fun-to-sew quilt together that will teach us lots of useful EQ7 skills. If you’re an EQ newbie, I hope this sew along jump starts your EQ journey. If you’re a long-time EQ user, you may still learn something new. Plus it’s just fun to sew along with the group!

All of the blocks we’ll be working with are based on a nine patch grid. They’ll be fairly simple to sew, but we’re going to learn a lot about EQ7 along the way.

Like the sew alongs we’ve done in the past, I’ll start by posting a lesson for the block. You’ll have two weeks to do the lesson and sew the block. Then I’ll post the “Link Up” page where we can all share pictures of our sewn blocks. The sew along posts will always be on the blog, so you can access the posts whenever you’d like.

Here’s the schedule of events:

Monday, May 5 – Block 1 Lesson

Friday, May 16 – Block 1 Link Up

Monday, May 19 – Block 2 Lesson

Friday, May 30 – Block 2 Link Up

Monday, June 2 – Block 3 Lesson

Friday, June 13 – Block 3 Link Up

Monday, June 16 – Block 4 Lesson

Friday, June 27 – Block 4 Link Up

I hope to see you back here on Monday, May 5th!

**There is no official sign up for the sew along. Just visit the blog on the scheduled days to see the new posts. Once a lesson is posted, it will remain on the blog so you can access them at any time. You’ll find all the EQ7 Jump Start posts from the main menu (under Behind the Mouse). Hover your mouse over Sew Alongs and then click EQ7 Jump Start from the drop-down menu.**