Recently I purchased EQ6 and was able to use it to design my first quilt project. As a visual learner, I was hoping EQ6 would help end the frustration of piecing a quilt, only to decide later something didn’t look quite right. (I’m far to busy to keep ripping things apart!) I found the EQ6 software to be user friendly, and was delighted to be able to make adjustments to the design before I even started sewing.

The project I am submitting is a doll quilt that I designed and quilted for an internet swap. I was able to play with the design in EQ, and upload the my  fabric selections from Moda’s website. What an awesome feature to be able to see the actual fabrics as you play with the design!
I titled this project “Patience Builder” because of the paper-piecing techinuqe used for the center of the quilt. The center measures 9″ x 9″ and the finished quilt measures 20″ x 20″. This quilt will be sent to my swap partner in a few days. I’m hoping she enjoys it!