The “Painted Wholecloth Quilt” took over a year to complete.  I began quilting it in the spring of 2009 on my longarm primarily for practice and thought I had finished it late last fall.  I designed the quilt using EQ6 as I went along quilting on the machine using several motifs from Quilting Designs.  As I was quilting, I used EQ6 to play with coloring themes.  Once quilted, I hand colored the quilt using colored pencils.  Since the quilt measures 108″ x 108″, it took me several months and several coloring pencils to color!  Then disaster!  I washed the quilt and several areas washed out.  I apparently did not seal them properly.  Again, several months went by as I colored it a second time!  Finally finished a couple of weeks ago.  Long journey.  I have several closeup shots on webshots,

Richmond, Virginia