This design evolved over a 5 month period.  Our guild show theme was “Changing Gears” and I needed to come up with an appropriate Raffle Quilt design.  With a lot of co-chair input this is the final design for the Raffle Quilt for our guild show in September 2010.  The colors in the traditional storm at sea design were manipulated to represent actual gears with cogs and intersecting sizes.  Despite my poor photograph it is a stunning quilt.  It is actually one of the most square quilts our quilter says he’s ever worked on.

Using printouts from EQ6, the foundation paper piecing was done by various members of the guild and custom quilted by Rex McCaskill of Castle Path Quilting, Round Rock, Texas.  This quilt won an Honorable Mention at the 2010 Dallas Quilt Show.  To learn more about our upcoming guild show please visit