note 2 snowflake blocks were acquired through a Walla Walla Valley Quilt Guild Block Lotto that I won several years ago)

My cousin was due to deliver a baby near the end of 2009 in Boston, MA. I figured it would be snowy and a very traditional city, so chose traditional blocks. I had no idea this design would be so appropriate. The baby was born before Christmas during the only blizzard there this winter. The bears are something that I think of when I consider our family connection. The ‘baby bear’ paws in the center and the ‘protective’ parent bear paws in the outside corners were representative of what happens with a newborn (bear or human!)–you need your parent to protect you. I backed it with a bear print in flannel.

I love using EQ6 to design quilts. With my recent decision to do this as a profession, I am excited to have the ease of designing quickly with EQ6. I wish fabric companies would put full repeat designs of their new fabrics on their website. I am having even more fun now that I have a Gammill long-arm and have expanded my quilting skills as well.