Get to know the new EQ8 workspace by designing a basic quilt!


Mystery lovers, read on! Over the next year, a tantalizing mystery will unfold in a continuing series posted monthly here on our website. This mystery originally ran on our site 10 years ago. It’s back by popular demand, rewritten for EQ5 and EQ6.


If you have EQ5, EQ6 or EQ7 and the Kaleidoscope Collection add-on CD installed, you’ll be able to follow along. This is the first of twelve Kaleidoscope lessons.


Here’s a fast way to create your own New York Beauties using the he PolyArc Tool.


When new widow Benni Harper finds the body of a murdered artist, she must deal with the stony-faced Police Chief, Gabe Ortiz, as well as come to terms with the shocking facts of her husband’s death. Earlene’s first novel was nominated for an Agatha Award for Best First Mystery of 1994.