EQ challenges you to: A Panel for a Horizontal Row Quilt!

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September 2015 Challenge

This year many quilt shops around the country are offering a free souvenir pattern for a single panel for a horizontal row quilt when you visit their shop. Each shop has a different pattern that highlights something about the shop. Let’s make our OWN panel to collect among those who participate in the challenge this month.

Rules for this challenge:
1.) Use the Horizontal Strip Quilt layout.

2.) Design only ONE ROW (not the whole quilt). On the Layout tab, delete all but one row — unless you’re going to use a row or two as sashing on the top and/or bottom of the row panel.

3.) You do not need to include a border, so go to the Borders tab and delete the border.

4.) The row MUST be exactly 36 inches in length (as set in the Layout tab). It can be any width, but I recommend no larger than 9 inches. Please respect the 36″ limit for the length so all the panels, should you choose to make any of them, will fit together.

5.) Anything goes for technique or style.

6.) Please do not submit a Vertical Strip Quilt panel. This challenge is for only one panel/row of a Horizontal Strip Quilt.

- Barb Vlack