This is a little wallhanging that I’ve had rolling around in my mind for several years.  I don’t remember where I first read it, but it spoke to me.  I grew up and am now living among pine trees.  I love the sound of the wind in the pines.  I love it that they are green year round, unlike the oaks, maples, etc., that are bare for much of the year.  In the spring I can tell when the frost goes out of the ground–the needles brighten up, the dullness is gone.
I’m not sure how I’ll do this.  I’ve been watching for a print with a pine tree to use for applique about 12″ tall, but haven’t found it yet.  I work in a quilt store, and we do have a fabric with tiny oak leaves that I can applique onto the quilt.
I had been trying to draw the pine, kind of like I did in grade school to draw a Christmas, but it wasn’t working.  Then last night I tried this approach and I like it.  So I may thread paint the pine tree.  The words will be printed onto either a photo fabric sheet, or I may treat a cream batik, I like that look better than the white background.

Cushing, MN