Another passion of mine is photography –especially landscapes. Longwood Gardens in Pennsylvania is one of my favorite locations for capturing floral scenes.

For this piece I imported photos of the Spring Bloom walkway lined with tulips, daffodils, foxgloves, & other flowers framed by trees in the background.

I had to revise the design for this wall quilt due to project file size restrictions. Originally there were 2 photos, with a close up view overlapping the larger one and the appliqué motifs extending more into the borders. This is the way I would actually construct the wall hanging when I make it.

The original design used a Custom layout however for the single photo version I changed this to a Horizontal Strip Quilt layout using three checkerboard strips, the top and bottom ones containing 2 rows of squares each and the center strip an 18 x16 inch photo flanked by squares

Floral appliqués were created by revising a few Appliqué Motifs found in the EQ Blocks library.