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Block 3

EQ7 Summer Drawing Series: Block 3 Link Up!

Posted 07-31-2013 by | Posted in: Block 3 EQ7 Summer Drawing Sew Alongs

How did everyone do with their appliqué blocks? I choose to make one of the variations from the Block 3 Mini Lesson. To Link Up Your Photo Scroll down to the comment form at the end of this post. Fill in your info and make sure you select an image for your comment (this will be the photo of your block). If you have a blog, make sure to add your site too. If you wrote a post for this block, please link directly to that post. Let’s visit each others’ blogs and all get to know each other! You can link up your Block 3 photo at any time. But for those who link up by Monday, August 5, 2013, 9 am EST, you’ll be entered in a little giveaway! One lucky winner will receive a priority mail envelope filled with fabric scraps. Because who doesn’t need a little

EQ7 Summer Drawing Series: Mid-Month Mini Lesson #3!

Posted 07-15-2013 by | Posted in: Block 3 EQ7 Summer Drawing Sew Alongs

This is a special bonus post for the EQ7 Summer Drawing Series Sew Along! For this mini lesson, we’ll use the four flowers we drew in the Block 3 lesson to create some fun variations! I’ll give you some hints on how to draw this block, but I won’t be writing out step-by-step instructions because I’d like you to give your new drawing skills a workout. Note: I have Auto Fill turned off for the following illustrations (which is why my patches are not cream colored). You can easily turn this function on and off using the Auto Fill button  on the Precision Bar. Click here to download the Mini Lesson PDF file. Wreathmaker When we drew Flower #2 we used the Wreathmaker tool on a single shape to create the flower. You can also use it on a group of selected shapes. With the Lesson 3 Block on the

EQ7 Summer Drawing: Block 3– PatchDraw Appliqué

Posted 07-01-2013 by | Posted in: Block 3 EQ7 Summer Drawing Sew Alongs

Welcome to the Block 3 post for the EQ7 Summer Drawing Series! We’ll start each month with a drawing lesson that focuses on one of the drawing styles available on the Block Worktable. Then, at the end of the month, we’ll have a link up post where everyone can show off a photo of their sewn block. That’s right, we’re not just drawing in this series, we’re SEWING too! Block 3 is drawn on the PatchDraw Block Worktable, just like Block 2. However, this time we’re going to work on the Appliqué tab. On the Appliqué tab, patches can be closed or open. Closed patches can be filled with fabric or solid colors. Open patches will be treated as thread, and can be colored with the Set Thread tool. For this lesson, we’ll be using the default drawing tools on the Appliqué tab. There are more drawing tools available (by