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Blog hop with Villa Rosa Designs!

Posted 01-24-2023 by | Posted in: Contests   EQ Designers   EQ Software Tips   Just Because   More for EQers   Related Blogs  

Today is our day to post in the Villa Rosa Blog Hop!

Villa Rosa Designs creates “Fast & Fun” quilt patterns featuring pre-cuts like 1/2 yards, fat quarters, 10′′ squares, 5′′ squares, 2 1/2′′ strips, fat eighths, and fat sixths, as well as other fabric cuts like panels.

Tricia Maloney, who formats all of the Villa Rosa Designs, uses EQ8 for each one, and designs her own patterns in EQ8, too!

EQ8 Giveaway!

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As part of this amazing Blog Hop, we’re giving away one EQ8!  Please leave a comment below letting us know why you want your own EQ8 to be eligible for the giveaway. We will select one winner at random from all of the submissions on January 27 and announce it the same day.

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When you’ve added everything to the Cart, click on the Apply Promo Code button, enter the code, and click the button again to see the discount applied. The code is good from Jan. 19 – 31, 2023.

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Villa Rosa Quilts

Let’s get started!

First we have the Hillside Charm quilt. Tricia imported a panel into EQ8 and used it in her quilt. Panels are so easy to swap out that she also included a second version. Check out a lesson on how to use panels in EQ8.

I imported the Whale Song Panel from Villa Rosa Designs, (as a photo because it’s a panel) popped that into the quilt and recolored the border.

You could import the other fabrics in the line too!
(The images on Villa Rosa’s website are webp files, please read more about using webp files in EQ8.)

Next let’s take a look at the original S’Witched Quilt.

In EQ8 you can add Halloween fabrics by opening the Fabric Library and opening the Holiday-Fall style.

Then use the Randomize tool with Map to fabrics selected to automatically change the solids to fabrics.

Or use the Randomize tool with Randomize selected and click on the quilt to see all sorts of color variations.

Each click in EQ8 shows more variations!

You can also manually recolor the quilt anyway you would like with various coloring tools.

Including changing it to a Valentine’s Day quilt!

Here is Running Doe Quilts’ Baby Zip Tease quilt!

In EQ8 it just takes a few seconds to create a totally different look for the quilt by auditioning and using different fabrics!

Then you can print out a list of the real fabrics you’ll need to purchase to make the quilt!

In EQ8 there is sometimes more than one way to design the same quilt.

When Tricia formatted the Baby Zip Tease quilt, she used a Custom Set layout with with half-square triangles and plain blocks, like in the first quilt above.  When designed like that the printouts (templates, foundation, or rotary cutting) would be for one HST or one rectangular block.

However, as shown in the second quilt, you could also draw a block as shown below and set it into a Vertical Strip Quilt. In this case, if you print the foundation, rotary cutting directions, or templates, it would be for the block selected.

So, the foundation would look similar to this…

The quilt could also be drawn as one block, like in the last example, though they all look the same! Now, if you print out the rotary cutting chart, it would be for the whole quilt (since we drew it all as 1 block). As far as foundations, EQ8 would print out nine strips like the one above.

It just depends on your preferences and how you plan on cutting and sewing the quilt!

Here is the original Snow Goose quilt…

and some random variations…

Here is the original Nantucket quilt…

and a few variations…

I hope you are enjoying the blog hop!
Be sure to visit all the other blogs, as well as Villa Rosa Designs, and come back to our site on Friday, January 27, 2023 to find out who wins an EQ8!!

Q&A with Barbara Brackman

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“Are you nuts?” Among lots of thank yous and compliments, that’s the most common question Barbara Brackman gets in regard to her Encyclopedia of Pieced Quilt Patterns book. I suppose that’s a fair question considering all the research and organization that went into compiling over 4,000 quilt block patterns. Read our Q&A with her to hear about how it all came together, plus some insight on using BlockBase+, Barbara’s online lectures, cocktail parties, and Cary Grant. When and how did your interest in quilt blocks come about? Barbara: I’ve always loved pattern. When I was enrolled in an art history class at the University of Kansas I came across Carrie Hall’s 800+ quilt blocks that she donated to the museum there in the 1930s. I was hooked. Carrie Hall’s blocks at the Spencer Museum of Art How did you go from casually collecting a few patterns to creating a full

Photos from our Kid Giddy Photo Shoot!

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This last week, Kid Giddy aka Kerry Goulder sent us a few quilts and tons of blocks to photograph. They were all designed in EQ7! Her blocks are all super intricate! Look for all of the fussy cutting she did in her blocks. She even painted the star in Santa’s eye. Hot Skates – Designed by Kerry Goulder Queen Bee – Designed by Kerry Goulder Land of Magic – Designed by Kerry Goulder Mug Club & Winking Santa Mug – Designed by Kerry Goulder Totem Bear & Totem Wolf – Designed by Kerry Goulder French Bulldog Block – Designed by Kerry Goulder Daddy’s Quilt Blocks – Designed by Kerry Goulder Which of these blocks or quilts are your favorite? Let us know! Watch for more of Kid Giddy’s work in future social media posts!

Photos of Hoop Sisters Quilts!

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HoopSisters‘ quilts are some of the most amazing quilts I have seen. Each square has such complexity and together they form a stunning quilt! Take a look at some of the close ups to see how intricate each square is! Summer Dreams by HoopSisters Feathered Star by HoopSisters Jacobean Journey by HoopSisters Do you like these quilts as much as we do? Let us know what you think!

Amy Friend Quilt Photos

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Amy Friend, one of the EQ Ambassadors, sent us a few of the quilts from her new book Improv Paper Piecing. I was excited when they came in because they are all super colorful! I also really like the names of her quilts. I never knew that catawampus was an actual word; I always thought it was just something that a couple people in my family came up with to say that something was a little off kilter.  Amy’s quilts are incredibly unique, which makes them even more amazing! Photographing Amy’s quilts was a lot of fun. We went to two different parks in the area. One of the parks was where we photographed Lori Miller’s quilts. It was amazing to see all the different flowers that were blooming this time around. Take a look at a few of the pictures we took! Peacock Crossing – Amy Friend of During

Tracing Images

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Tracing images can be tricky. It’s hard to think ahead and make sure that everything drawn on the screen is piecable at the sewing machine. With some practice, it gets easier to create incredible paper-piecing and applique blocks by tracing images. When I was younger I remember going to sewing events most Saturdays with my grandma. Some weeks it was machine embroidery club, block of the month, or just going to a quilt shop to socialize. One week at embroidery club, they showed how to make fabric post cards. I don’t remember much else about the meeting other than the fact that I liked this idea and wanted to make my own. Several years later, my grandma and I took a class at our local quilt shop that taught us how to take the concepts of art quilting and use that to make cards. I have taken what I learned

Nancy Mahoney Quilt Pictures

Posted 07-12-2017 by | Posted in: EQ Artists   Photographing Quilts   Uncategorized  

This past week we were lucky enough to be able to photograph a handful of Nancy Mahoney’s quilts. Her work is absolutely stunning and it was fun to find places that helped to show that. Take a look at some of the pictures we took! True Colors - Nancy Mahoney 2013 Crooked Path – Nancy Mahoney 2014 Split Star – Nancy Mahoney 2015 Gum Drops – Nancy Mahoney 2013 Infinity – Nancy Mahoney 2014 It’s really neat to see all that Nancy has been doing with EQ7! It has been so much fun to take quilts out that I have seen on the covers of her books and in magazines. It is surreal to see all of these quilts in person. Check out more of Nancy’s work on her website! Look for more of her photos in upcoming social media posts!