Welcome to our new blog series, Do You EQ Too? Each month, we will spotlight a different EQ user and their quilts! If you haven’t already, you can read our introduction post here.

This month we are spotlighting Jeane Alyece Gardner! Jeane currently uses EQ8 but first started with EQ7. After taking some time to learn the software, Jeane decided to use EQ8 to design beautiful memory quilts for her family, such as the one featured below.

Memory quilt dedicated to Jeane’s mother

“This is the latest memory quilt which also included some of Mother’s clothing,” says Jeane. “She passed away in August 2015 ( I wasn’t quilting then).” In many of her quilts, Jeane also incorporates photographs of her family.

Memory quilt dedicated to Jeane’s father

“My favorite one is the one I made for my Dad for his 95th birthday in August 2020,” says Jeane. “I was also able to digitize most of the appliqué for my Luminarie. The entire quilt was designed, made, and quilted in less than 2 weeks. The pictures were printed from my computer onto EQ Printable fabric sheets. He passed away 2 months after his birthday and I have since been designing memory quilts for my siblings, daughters, and myself. Hopefully in the next year all of his grandchildren will receive a memory quilt as well (there are 9 grandchildren, including my 2 daughters). As of now, I have designed and completed 5 quilts; only 9 more to go!”

Thank you so much Jeane for sharing your wonderful quilts and story with us!

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