March’s design challenge was full of so many amazing quilts, and we loved seeing all your comments to each other! Go see all the entries we received here! Thanks to all who participated! Maywood Studio designer Nicholas Lapp was also so impressed with your designs!

“I want to encourage everyone here to keep quilting and designing, it’s a great creative outlet and in an age of high tech, I think things we make are still the most meaningful gifts.  Bravo all you artists!  Thanks for taking the time to work with my fabrics.”  – Nicholas Lapp


Two winners were selected, one by Nicholas Lapp and the other was chosen randomly. Congratulations to….

Winner 1 (Maywood’s Pick): Maureen Franz

“Maureen Franz’ stunning appliqué on the dark violet which was just jewel-like. I could see it in a Gilded Age episode!  I can’t imagine how much work this much custom appliqué would take me!  But if you make it PLEASE post photos!!!!” – Nicholas Lapp

“The prints really sparkle!” – Maureen Franz

Maywood Studio’s Honorable Mentions: Debbie Fisico, Claudia Rickel, LaTawnia Porter, and Sharon Kwilter

“This was really hard because I think quilting is all about individual expression, so I hate picking favorites.  Artists all have different ideas.  These were all good designs and clever interpretations, some like Debbie Fisico’s and Claudia Rickel’s were simple but strong, and very approachable for new sewers.  LaTawnia Porter’s Dresden Plates was a great showcase using all 18 fabrics against the light green. Sharon Kwilter’s [medallion design] used a lot of the collection and really emphasized the florals, which just made me happy.  The arrangement of the colors works very well for me.” - Nicholas Lapp

Click here to view the original post and see these beautiful quilts!

Winner 2 (Random Pick): Barbara B

“These fabrics are wonderful. I tried to use as many as I could in this design. It’s hard for me, I tend to only use 2 or 3 colors, so this was a challenge.” – Barbara B

Thanks again to all who participated in this challenge. If you’re looking for another chance to win fabric, check out April’s design challengeBe sure to see the new rules and comment on someone else’s design in order to be eligible to win.