Calling all Janiacs!

Quilt by Trish Harrison

With an updated software and book available now, it has never been easier to make your own Dear Jane! Plus, during our 25 days of 25% off sale, you can save on any purchase at with code 25DAYS through November 30, 2021. Shop Now >

Dear Jane Book

Everyone comes to Jane in their own time,” says author, Brenda Manges Papadakis. Your time is now! Connect with the global community of Janiacs and get started on your own Dear Jane masterpiece today!

Join the celebration of the 25th Anniversary edition of the Dear Jane book published by Martingale! Before the first edition of this book, a reproduction of the Dear Jane quilt had never been completed. Today, a plethora of information exists to help you make your own. Use this book as a guide to starting your Jane Journey using author, Brenda Papadakis’s “bag of tricks” and get inspired by browsing all 5,602 historic pieces of the iconic quilt.

Whether you have made a Dear Jane quilt or are ready to start your first block, there’s something new in this book for you! This new edition has updated designs, full-size illustrations of the blocks, and features 18 unique quilts—all influenced by Jane’s 1863 geometric wonder. The author delves into history, women’s rights, and the Civil War through her emotional letters to Jane A. Stickle. You’re sure to draw inspiration from and have admiration for the collection Brenda has put together. Sewing instructions are not included.

Dear Jane Add-on for EQ8

If you’d like to print templates, rotary-cutting charts, or foundation patterns for the Dear Jane blocks, check out the Dear Jane add-on for EQ! With this EQ8 add-on, you can design your very own Dear Jane!

Print your own Dear Jane blocks in any size, as templates, foundation patterns, or rotary cutting charts. You can even print the blocks just as they appear in Brenda’s Dear Jane book! (Did we mention that you can print them in any size? Just because Jane’s blocks were all 4.50″ by 4.50″, doesn’t mean your blocks need to be that size too.)

This EQ add-on also includes 12 helpful lessons for making the blocks, sewing techniques, and tips for making each block.

“The ability to audition my fabric combinations before cutting is easily my favorite feature. I’ve already uploaded several different fabric lines and will be able to see projected yardage requirements before starting. If a Dear Jane quilt has been on your to-do list, this software will help you make that dream a reality.” – Sarah Maxwell

What do you get with this EQ8 Add-on?

About Jane

In 1863 during the Civil War, a woman named Jane A. Stickle decided to make a sampler quilt. 169 blocks, 52 triangles, 4 corner kites, and 5,602 pieces later… she had a quilt that, to this day, still leaves quilters in aweRead more about Jane A. Stickle >

Jane’s quilt center was 13 rows by 13 columns. The Dear Jane blocks are known by letters (A-M) and numbers (1-13). Below is a close up of one of the corners. Notice Jane’s signature in the bottom-right!

Get inspired! See beautiful Dear Jane quilts like Trish’s above in our Dear Jane Gallery >

If you made a Dear Jane quilt, how would yours look? A traditional replica? Modernized with new colors and a different layout? A mini? Tell us!