Loved seeing the colorful entries come in for the Rose Whispers challenge! Check out the beautiful entries we received here! Thanks to all who participated!


Two winners were selected… one by Benartex and the other by Eleanor Burns herself! A big congrats to….

Benartex’s choice: Amanda Riddle

“My goal was to showcase the beautiful, large floral prints in Rose Whispers while using the rich, dark colors to frame out those patterns. I started with the simple idea of using a double sawtooth star block and made everything else up as I went. I really enjoyed joining this competition for the first time using the EQ8 software for the first time!” – Amanda


Eleanor Burns’ choice: Pat Rother

“This is such a lovely collection I chose a scrappy palette and a simple, traditional block to showcase many of the fabrics. I love stripes in sashing and binding and Eleanor’s were perfect for this quilt.” – Pat

Thanks again to all who participated in this challenge. If you’re looking for another chance to win fabric, check out March’s design challenge!