Did you buy your “Brackman” yet? Acquisitions Editor at Golden Peak Media, Lori Baker, gives a “peek” into Barbara Brackman’s new Encyclopedia of Pieced Quilt Patterns. Play the video below to hear all about it (and BlockBase+ software too!).

We’re restocking the book this month so place your order now and we’ll ship ASAP! Or better yet, call your favorite quilt shop and ask if they have it! U.S. shops, Canadian shops, and retailers overseas are selling it!

And if you’re waiting for BlockBase+ to be released, sit tight! We are in the testing phases… and as someone who has gotten to take part in that testing, I must say that this new version is so cool! Whether you had an older version of BlockBase or are brand new to it, you’re going to love the new interface, ease of use, enhanced printing options, and fun new features. In just a couple clicks, you can have printouts of rotary-cutting charts, templates, or foundation patterns for the 4,000+ blocks from the Encyclopedia IN ANY SIZE! You enter a size, and BOOM, it’s ready to print! Also, if you were wondering if there are any big new features in this new version… SPOILER ALERT… you can export to SVG! :-o Yes, you read that correctly. This new version allows you to get SVG files of EVERY SINGLE BLOCK! I’ll just let that sink in while you check out this screen shot of the new software (click to view larger).

Watch for more updates on the blog and in our newsletters! We plan to release BlockBase+ in the next couple months! Find answers to your questions about both products here and get even more info in these blog posts.