These women are all fantastic designers, authors, and quilters we look to for fabulous creations. They are among many pioneers who have shaped the quilting industry into the wonderful world that it is today. We are so honored that these women, among many others, have expressed their shared love for the Encyclopedia of Pieced Quilt Patterns by Barbara Brackman (speaking of pioneers!).

Tula puts it perfectly when she says, “No matter how much we evolve as quilters, our foundation will always remain rooted in the traditional building blocks of patchwork.”

Judy says, “Barbara’s research is invaluable, and her system for organizing blocks by their construction basis is genius. It allows you to easily find a pattern and learn its name, based on what it looks like.” Learn how to use the book here.

In case you’re not familiar with previous editions of Barbara’s Encyclopedia, take it from Alex Anderson, “When Barbara’s first edition of her book was released, it instantly became the most valuable, helpful, and necessary quilt reference work ever written.”

Previous Editions of the Encyclopedia of Pieced Quilt Patterns

Like thousands of quilters, Alex still has her copy and uses it “to this day.”

Tula says, “Barbara Brackman’s earlier (1993) edition of this book has been on my desk for many years as a constant source of inspiration and reference.”

Fast forward to 2020, when the idea of publishing a real, printed, 500+ page book is, well, risky to say the least! Recreating BlockBase (the software for printing rotary-cutting charts, templates, and foundation patterns for all the Encyclopedia blocks) was already in the works and though daunting, the idea of updating the Encyclopedia couldn’t be ignored. With Barbara’s help, the project began and has really turned into something incredible. The third edition is in FULL COLOR. It includes line drawings and colored versions of every block making this book even more fun to flip through! Plus, 161 new blocks have been added! Scroll down to see it for yourself! More sneak peek photos are here.

Third Edition of the Encyclopedia of Pieced Quilt Patterns

 “I am thrilled at this updated volume. I did not think Barbara could top her first classic opus, but she has!”

- Alex Anderson (co-host of The Quilt Show)

 “The new edition exceeds all expectations.  You will want this new volume even if you already possess an earlier edition.”

- Judy Martin (Designer, Author, and past editor of Quilter’s Newsletter and Quiltmaker magazines) 

 “The new updated version with more detailed illustrations and even more historical background is an essential primer for anyone who is passionate about quilts.”

-Tula Pink (Fabric Designer and Quiltmaker) 

As you can imagine, Alex, Judy, and Tula aren’t the only quilters who adore the Encyclopedia. See what more of our friends are saying or comment below to share your thoughts on this classic quilter’s resource!

How It All Started

If you haven’t already, watch Barbara explain the story behind the Encyclopedia and how it evolved into this new masterpiece! Watch video >>

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