Have you seen our NEW add-on for EQ8?

It is based on Linda J. Hahn and Deborah G. Stanley’s book, Rock That Quilt Block and includes 11 EQ8 projects plus 165 Northcott fabrics featuring Linda’s Carnivale collection! Each of the 10 quilts from their book are featured in a project, along with a Bonus Quilts project which has 4 quilts not found in the book! There are 72 quilt designs in all. But, today we thought it would be nice to catch up with Linda and Deb and see if we could learn a little bit more about them!

What’s your favorite quilt from the book and why?

Linda: My favorite quilt is Kensington. I really love working with a black or white background and bright colors as I like the dynamic impact.

Deb: My favorite quilt is Windsor. I think it showcases the book theme very well – many different quilts can be designed by taking one block and using it, adding to it, deconstructing it. And it has a modern vibe I like.

How does/did EQ help you with your quilt designing/writing the book?

Linda: I have used EQ to design every quilt in all 8 of my books. I think the program helps with the initial design, but more importantly I like that you can quickly and quite easily try out different layouts and settings. Being able to import the exact fabrics that I’m going to use in each design helps to visualize the end product.

Deb: I would never have been able to design the quilts without EQ. It makes choosing colors so much easier, especially with the option of uploading virtual fabric swatches. You can change block sizes, add or remove borders, substitute colors to make the quilt look just the way you want it.

What’s next for you two (We know you said you’re working on another book)?

Linda: Yes we are. Our next book’s manuscript is due in December 2020 and we are looking forward to a Fall Market 2021 release.  All the quilts in this new book were designed in EQ8 as well.

Deb: We are presently working on quilts and manuscript for our next book, which will be published in Fall 2021. It will explore how fabric choices make every quilt unique.

What’s keeping you busy these days?

Linda: I have been doing some virtual classes and lectures. Deb and I host a weekly free Zoomcast for quilters called Sew What! where we host nationally known guests and have tips, tricks, and some door prizes. I also have two new fabric collections in the works with Banyan Batiks, which we are hoping to have released for Fall Market 2021, and of course working on our manuscript. I teach two (free) Zumba fitness classes per week with quilters from all over the country on Zoom and at my local gym.

Deb: I am co-hosting a weekly Zoomcast with Linda, which has given us the opportunity to interview lots of interesting people and share the results with quilters all over the country. I am developing Zoom skills I never imagined!

What do you do when you’re not quilting? Is there such a thing??

Linda: When not quilting, I am choreographing new Zumba routines for my students. I also love to sit in my pool with an umbrella drink reading CIA/Black Ops thrillers.

Deb: I like to cook and I am a crafter of all trades – sewing, knitting, beading – always a hand project underway!

We want to thank Deb and Linda for taking some time to chat with us!  You can keep up to date with Linda and Deb on the Sew What! Zoomcast Facebook page and www.froghollowdesigns.com.