Get it now at the special introductory price!

We have re-released Brenda Papadakis’ Dear Jane software as a download specifically for EQ8! For the entire month of April, the Dear Jane Add-on for EQ is 35% off the retail price of $49.95. This brings your price to $32.47! No code necessary, just get it before May 1st! Don’t miss out on this special offer!

What’s Included?

Click the video above to see the inside scoop of what’s included!

  • Requires EQ8 software.
  • Works with EQ8 for Windows or Mac.
  • Quick download from your EQ Account.
  • Installs 5 EQ project files, 5 block libraries, and several PDF resources.
  • Includes updated blocks (from the original version) for better foundation piecing, where applicable.
  • Can print templates, foundation patterns, and rotary cutting charts.
  • Includes 225 quilting designs that mimic Jane A. Stickle’s quilting on her 1863 Civil War quilt.
  • Includes 12 sewing lessons (PDF) from Brenda Papadakis.
  • Includes full resource document (PDF) with tips for all 225 blocks in the quilt.
  • Includes help document (PDF), online help articles, and videos.
  • Plus more! Get the full list here >

Now’s the time!

If you’ve always wanted to make a Dear Jane quilt, now’s the time! Get the special savings through April 30th, download the add-on, design your very own Dear Jane quilt, and print the patterns in the sizes you need. Have fun, be creative, and stay safe out there!