Karen K. Stone’s dazzling quilts have won awards and a legion of fans. Quilters can’t get enough of Karen’s innovative takes on tradition and riotous fabric combinations.

Her first EQ add-on includes 10 quilts that you can make just the way she has or edit just the way you would any other quilt in EQ.

Karen’s second add-on is the same idea, with more beautiful quilts.

Karen’s add-ons open a little differently than some of our other add-ons.

First you open EQ8 or EQ7.

Then click Open an existing project.

Open an existing project tab will be selected.

Click on the titles that start with KKS or KKS2.

When you find the quilt you want, click OK.

The quilt will open to your Quilt Worktable.

Now you can recolor it, or edit it anyway you’d like. Although the original is beautiful!

Both Karen K. Stone add-ons are on sale today. Use code KKS25 to save 25%! Sale ends 2/23/19.