We’re so excited to announce our 2019 EQ Ambassadors: Nancy Mahoney and Alyce Blyth! They are both such talented designers, and create amazing things with EQ8. Watch for them to be featured in our newsletters, websites, ads and social media posts throughout the year. You might even hear them on your favorite podcast!

Nancy Mahoney

Nancy has enjoyed making quilts for over 35 years, during which time an impressive range of her beautiful quilts have been featured in over 200 quilt magazines. She has also created over 100 quilt patterns for a variety of fabric manufacturers.

Nancy has authored 14 books since 2002; her most recent book is Learn to Paper Piece. Nancy has designed 15 fabric collections, including eight 30s reproduction collections.

When she’s not designing and making quilts, Nancy enjoys traveling around the country, sharing her quilts, teaching her piecing and machine appliqué techniques, and visiting gardens.

“I’ve been using EQ since the early 90s and it has changed my quilting life. I love the design process and designing quilts in EQ8 couldn’t be easier. Everything I need is at my fingertips. I love being able to audition blocks, settings, borders, and fabrics with the click of a mouse. Seeing my designs come to life is exciting and fun! I look forward to designing many more quilts using EQ.” -Nancy Mahoney

Some of Nancy’s quilts (designed in EQ, of course!)

Starburst by Nancy Mahoney

Split Star by Nancy Mahoney

Gum Drops by Nancy Mahoney

Keep up with Nancy

Watch for Nancy’s EQ-designed quilts in magazines! Also, Nancy is teaching 3 EQ8 classes at Road to California later in January. Two of the classes are already sold out, but there is still room in the Thursday class on January 24.

You can also follow Nancy’s Facebook page, and check out her website!

Alyce Blyth

Alyce Blyth began her quilting journey when her two children were just babies. It took a few years until they each had a quilt and in the process, she became hooked on her passion and purpose.

When her family moved from Australia to Chiba, Japan, it was there that she became truly passionate about turning her hobby into her career. With a primary school teaching background, Alyce discovered that the quilting industry was the perfect blend of the things she loved most – creativity, puzzles and teaching.

Now living back in Melbourne, Australia, she has had patterns published in magazines around the world, writes columns and articles, self-published her first book, DIY Block Designand continues to remain passionate about helping other quilters to make what they love, with love, to love.

Alyce regularly shares projects and tutorials at Blossom Heart Quilts, where you can also find her catalogue of quilting patterns – from kawaii Japanese-inspired designs, to minis and cushions, and full multi-sized quilt patterns.

“EQ8 helps my quilt design ideas come to life! With this powerful program, I am able to quickly sketch out and colour in my ideas… and just as quickly change things around to try something else. While I love my graph book for on the go brain dumps, all designs still go through EQ8 to help refine and confirm my final decision.” -Alyce Blyth

Some of Alyce’s quilts (designed in EQ, of course!)

Aurora by Alyce Blyth

Patissere Sampler by Alyce Blyth

Geode by Alyce Blyth

Keep up with Alyce

Alyce is running a Sunset Isle QAL this year and she has a book coming out with Lucky Spool this fall! She’s also teaching at the Farmhouse Retreat in March, hosting more creative cafe gatherings, and releasing some new, fun patterns including a new collection of foundation paper piecing designs!

You can also follow Alyce on her Instagram, Facebook and website.

Join us in watching what Nancy and Alyce create with EQ8 this year. Follow the EQ Instagram and Facebook to see it all!