Attn EQ8 owners: An updated version of EQ8 is yours — free!

First of all… did you know that you can share your EQ8 designs directly to Facebook?! It’s so easy! Recently, however, Facebook required that we change the way the Share to Facebook feature works in EQ8. This change actually offers more options for your Facebook posts, as well as great quality images of your quilts. :)

Update your EQ8 now:

Due to Facebook’s change, your current version of EQ8 will not allow you to use the Share to Facebook feature. You’ll need to update your EQ8 if you’d like to use this feature. As an owner of EQ8, you can update to the newest version ( for Windows / for Mac) for free. To download and install the update, make sure you’ve got a good internet connection and follow instructions carefully on our EQ8 Updates page. If you have any questions, please contact Tech Support by phone or email. We’re here to help!

Important! If you are using any version prior to the current version, we highly recommend that you update your software. There have been many more improvements made in addition to those listed above.

Start sharing your EQ8 quilt designs to Facebook:

Here’s an example of what your Facebook post will look like. When your Facebook friends click on the quilt image, they’ll be taken to a larger view of the quilt. Try it out by clicking my image below!

Download and install the update for your EQ8 now >>

Read instructions for how to use the Share to Facebook feature >>

Contact EQ Tech Support >>