EQ8 users get excited! If you liked our first design book for EQ8 (EQ8 Designing Quilts) you’ll LOVE this new design book, EQ8 Designing More Quilts! Watch for it in early September at ElectricQuilt.com or ask for it at your local quilt shops! :lol:

Just like the first book, this new book has 8 different authors who each wrote a chapter about a unique type of quilt design.

Chapter topics and authors:

Chapter 1 by Nancy Mahoney

Medallion QUILTS! Learn border tricks used to design striking medallion quilts.

Chapter 2 by Reeze Hanson

Applique QUILTS! Trace a picture of a tile to create an applique block. Designing this quilt is a lot easier than it looks!

Chapter 3 by Lori Miller

Modern QUILTS! Use alternate gridwork to create eye-catching modern quilts.

Chapter 4 by Barb Vlack

Optical Illusion QUILTS! Can you believe that a mathematical formula inspired this quilt?

Chapter 5 by Kristina Brinkerhoff

Orphan Block QUILTS! Design a quilt layout perfect for your leftover blocks.

Chapter 6 by Yvonne Menear

Baby Block QUILTS! You’ll be amazed how simple blocks and layouts can create these stunning quilts!

Chapter 7 by Kari Schell

Panel QUILTS! Learn the tricks for using fabric images in EQ8 to design your next panel quilt!

Chapter 8 by Amy Ellis

Landscape QUILTS! This landscape quilt is based on a mountain-range photograph. You too could design what you see. Be inspired!

 Here are a couple peeks into the book:

Click image to view larger

Click image to view larger


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Note: It is not necessary to have the EQ8 Designing Quilts book before purchasing the EQ8 Designing More Quilts book. They are independent of each other and offer unique content and techniques.


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