Over the next few weeks, we’ll be sharing our top 10 favorite features in EQ8. Subscribe to this blog and follow us on social media (Facebook and Instagram with #EQ8Top10) to see all 10! See the complete list of features on our website.

#7 – Open library from palette and edit a block to the worktable

These features are game changers and will save you so much time! Now you can access the libraries RIGHT FROM THE PALETTE using this nifty button:

You’ll find this button in the Block Worktable, Quilt Worktable and the Image Worktable.  Easily add blocks, fabrics, threads, photos and embroidery from the libraries directly to your palettes!

While you’re in the Block, Layout and Photo Library, you’ll notice a new button called Edit to Worktable.

This button will automatically open the selected block, layout or photo directly to its worktable!

You can also edit a block or photo right from the palette by using the Context Menu (or three little dots) in the upper-right corner of the palette.

See the complete list of features on the Electric Quilt website.