If you’re looking for some EQ tips, inspiration and incredible quilts, follow Amy Friend (During Quiet Time) and Christa Watson (Christa Quilts). They’ll be posting about their use of EQ7 all year long! We’re so excited to see what they create with EQ7 in 2017!

A little background…

Amy Friend

Amy Friend is a former museum curator who currently spends her days designing patterns, quilting and sewing. She’s been using EQ7 since 2011 and has designed some pretty amazing quilts with it!

Amy says:

“I love designing paper pieced patterns. EQ7 makes it easy for me to draw my pattern, group and number it, and print my patterns as a PDF with seam allowances around each section. It saves me so much time and frustration leaving me more time for design–which is the part that I really love!”


My Tribe



Amy has also authored 2 books: Intentional Piecing: From Fussy Cutting to Foundation Piecing and coming soon,  Improv Paper Piecing: A Modern Approach to Quilt Design.

Christa Watson

Christa Watson has been designing original quilts since the early days of EQ4. Over the years as her style has evolved, she’s received numerous awards and recognition for work, all designed in Electric Quilt! After many years of teaching others how to quilt, she published her first pattern in 2013 thanks to EQ7.

Christa says:

“I’m a detail-oriented person who loves to get all of the thinking and planning out of the way before I begin any project. With the ease and convenience of Electric Quilt, I know exactly how my finished quilt is going to look before I make the first cut of fabric.”


Square in a Square


Focal Point

Christa has also authored 2 books: Machine Quilting with Style and The Ultimate Guide to Machine Quilting.

Follow along with Christa, Amy and all of our talented EQ Artists to see what they create with EQ7 in 2017.

Amy’s Blog: http://duringquiettime.com/

Christa’s Blog: https://christaquilts.com/